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Former Everton man linked with Chinese consortium in Villa takeover bid

Former Everton CEO Keith Wyness appears to hold a senior role within the group.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

The Chinese group appear to be the front runners in the Aston Villa takeover saga, and it is believed that they are due to take the Owners and Directors test in the near future.

The Birmingham Mail reported this news earlier this afternoon, and according to sports writer Gregg Evans, talks "are said to be at an advanced stage".

The article also sheds some light on what has so far been a Chinese Consortium shrouded in mystery. We still don't really know who they are, but it seems as though former Everton CEO Keith Wyness is involved with the group, and should the group become the owners of the club, Wyness will apparently hold a senior role behind the scenes at Villa Park.

To further add fuel to the fire, a Twitter account that could be Keith Wyness has very recently started following Aston Villa, along with the Birmingham Mail among other Aston Villa related accounts, as our resident detective Matt Villan pointed out:

I can't say for certain that this is him, but it does seem reasonably likely. Of course, nothing is finalised yet, and there are apparently still others who are eyeing up the ownership of the club. But things at least appear to be moving. Watch this space, and stay tuned as we bring you any further news and updates.