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Official: Aston Villa reveal new crest

Aston Villa have unveiled their new badge, featuring a more prominent, redesigned lion and the removal of “Prepared” from the club crest.

AVFC Official Site

Well, that moved quickly.

Less than 24 hours after news broke that Villa were making tweaks to its crest, it’s already been revealed by the club.

The new Villa crest features a larger, clawed lion (good!), removes the term "Prepared" (apt!) and also increases the size of the "AVFC" text at the top (also solid!).

It also keeps the same shape as the previous crest (bad!) and doesn’t address the issues of the lack of contrast between the yellow lion and blue shield in flat applications (also not great!).

The new crest, right, is compared to the old one below — shout-out to the OS for that!

villa crest comparison

The more I look at this, the more I think I like it. There was a lot of unused space in the old crest, but now we’ve got a badge with a more prominent lion, which is better-rendered than the previous. It looks like a more traditional lion rampant, which is cool.

For me, the biggest plus with the new crest is how it’ll be applied on kits. As can be seen in the featured image, the club commissioned a designer to work on a 3-dimensional version of the crest, seen below. I also really like the application of the new flat lion standing alone.

3d lion

Unlike with the "leaked" crest, it looks like the claret outline will remain on the crest, however, on the new home kit set to launch over the summer, it appears that there’ll be a single white outline, rather than the double outline setup currently used by the club.

Controversy reigned for a little while amongst Villa fans, when the news that the club were reportedly spending £2 million on the change broke via the Birmingham Mail. However, Villa issued a statement Wednesday stating the club spent just £80,000 on the badge update, a much less important sum.

"Prepared" was removed from the badge in part because of its difficulty to reproduce in small-scale designs, the release said, which makes all the sense in the world.

Ultimately, I wish they would’ve done more with this — moving to either a roundel or a different, old-style shield design — but at the end of the day, this should at worst be a lateral move and is probably an improvement.

SomeOne in London, who did the design for Villa, launched a page detailing their work on the new crest, which is definitely worth a look.

One of the big things I picked up was the decision to stick with the shield over a roundel:

The earlier circular badge was often referenced, and was much loved — but the shield shape was still seen by fan groups as the most associated to the Club.

Villa have a new typeface too, designed by the group, which might be trying to do a little too much, but looks pretty good anyway. Regardless, I’ll reserve judgement until I see its application down the road.


The group also threw together some new icons, which should provide a sleek, unified look to the club’s web profile.


There’s some other cool stuff there, so check it out for sure!

The badge reveal also mentions a new design coming to the AVFC website over the summer, a long-overdue change.

Love the update? Hate it? Let us know in the comments!