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The internet may have already found Aston Villa’s new crest

The club registered a new mark in August, and it fits the description we got yesterday.

Yesterday, news broke on a potential new crest and today, it looks like we might know what that badge looks like.

Sam3373 over at Villa Talk paged through the trademark filings and found a registered trademark that ticks the boxes — new, clawed lion and the removal of "prepared" being the imperative ones.

new crest


I’ve looked at it for a little while, but I’m starting to warm to the new lion. The "mane" still feels a little big, but other than that, I like it.

But it’s so… pointless. If you’re going to do this and go through the effort of changing the badge, well, actually fix it. If you wanted to build some goodwill with Villa supporters, you’d have returned to the roundel. Or perhaps we could’ve gone back to a shape like the super-old Villa badge that adorned the old Trinity Road Stand (RIP).

But no. If this is the mark — which it looks like it just might be — the club’s investing a significant amount of money to keep the same crest shape. Why.

And not only that, but the crest doesn’t fix the biggest flaws in the current one. The lack of contrast between the yellow lion and the blue background remains, while claret is relegated to the tertiary color in the crest. I get why Villa are using yellow for the lion, but if they’re going to keep it, the club should’ve moved to a darker, more-orange shade of yellow with this opportunity.

Also, the lack of an outline in the trademarked badge looks really weird. Villa used to have its current badge with just the claret outline, which meant it appeared as if it had no outline on the home kits, but added a white stroke a few years back, which kept things clean. I don’t like the apparent move away from that.

The black-and-white version looks pretty solid, to be fair, but at the end of the day, it’s still odd that they wouldn’t make bigger changes to the crest.

Perhaps the most interesting thing registered back in August wasn’t the crest, but this mark that features a detailed lion in the outline of the new crest is particularly interesting. I don’t see this being used on kits, but the club could create some pretty interesting merchandise with this lion.