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Villa spending for a new badge probably shouldn’t be a big deal

Aston Villa are spending £2 million on a new crest for next season. That’s not that much money in English football — but it’s significant for the Claret and Blues, and that underlines everything that’s wrong with this club.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Aston Villa want a new crest to take the club into a new era.

That’s what we learned yesterday, and after a sticker price of "around" £2 million was revealed by the Birmingham Mail, everyone freaked out.

I’ll note a couple things, then get onto the point.

  1. This is surely something that’s been kicked around for a while, probably since not too long after Tom Fox took the job as CEO in August 2014. Rebrands typically take around 18 months to complete — in American leagues, you typically have to inform the league of your plans more than a year in advance — so it’s important to look at this news from that point of view.
  2. While it would’ve been nice to see Villa spend more in the on-pitch department, Fox’s background coming in would align well with this. His directive was to overhaul the club’s financial statements to find new ways to bring revenue into the club — a redesigned crest would fit well with this aim.
  3. Villa are, still, entering a new era, and a new crest to reflect that isn’t a terrible thing in a vacuum.
  4. The Birmingham Mail’s "removing ‘Prepared’ and claws" shtick is probably a little overplayed. I’d like to think we’re going to see bigger changes to the badge, which in a vacuum is probably a good thing. I’d love to see a roundel logo or a more old-style badge. Either/or.*
But here’s the real issue:

We’re freaking out over two million pounds.

For a Premier League club, that’s nothing. Aston Villa are going to earn around £66.6 million in TV money simply for finishing last this season. The issue is that Villa haven’t been investing properly in, you know, running a football club, so this £2 million has some huge, sticker-shock value.

I mean, think about it. This is the club that once let Martin O’Neill blow £120 million, but we’re now freaking out over £2 million?

That’s a sad sign of the times at B6.

Let’s consider how much money £2 million really is on the football pitch. If you sign a guy on a Bosman, that’ll get you someone on £38k/week, if you need to purchase a player, you’re looking at a £1 million fee and a £19k/week wage. You could maybe get Ashley Westwood lite, perhaps, for that amount of money.

If Villa play someone like Jordan Lyden next season instead of such a signing, well, I’m probably going to be okay with that.

Sit back, relax and enjoy that we have a shiny, new thing coming in this summer — because there might not be too many of them on the pitch. But instead of freaking out that Villa’s blown £2 million on a new badge, maybe consider that we’re in a position where we’re doing that. Because that shouldn’t be happening.

*Editors Note - Aston Villa's badge was likely leaked and fits in line with the B'ham Mail story.