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Libor Kozak announces his own injury


David Rogers/Getty Images

Libor Kozak has taken the time today to post a picture of himself on social media.

It's a photo of him, lying in a hospital bed. Injured. Again.

Libor Kozak came back to fanfare back in January, but did absolutely nothing before disappearing again. This comes after a broken leg which was fudged up by a dodgy doctor. I've got to assume he is done in claret & blue which is damn sad, Libor wasn't a bad guy and I'd have liked to see him stick around. The truth is, Rudy Gestede offers a bit more and is healthier

I feel sorry for the guy, another month out is bad news for a player who was already out for almost two whole years. Hopefully it's not a major setback and I hope to see him back on the pitch soon, if at all.