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Exiled Villa defender calls out Eric Black

Jores Okore has ZERO time for anyone.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Jores Okore hasn't covered himself in glory recently.

From comments leaked via his agent regarding lack of contract negotiations at Villa to his recent 'refusal' to play for Villa's first team after being offered a place on the bench by caretaker manager Eric Black, Jores has been a bit of a naughty boy recently.

It's all been capped off with comments on the Dane's twitter feed tonight:

As you can see, Okore flat out denies that he refused to play for Villa at all. This calls into question statements made by Eric Black that state the exact opposite.

All in all, it cuts a picture of a horrendously frustrated young man who is stagnating at Aston Villa. His body won't last forever and Okore needs game time to settle back into the team after injury. If this is all true, why the hell is Eric Black telling the press that Okore refused to play?

You couldn't make it up. Could you?