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Aston Villa fans give Joleon Lescott the derisive chant that he deserves

The Holte End wouldn't let Joleon Lescott forget the stupid things he said last weekend.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

In a world of Aston Villa that has Gabby Agbonlahor and Randy Lerner, Joleon Lescott has somehow managed to make himself the most hated figure at the club. After last weekend's relegation, Lescott spoke to the press and said that relegation was "a weight off our shoulders and we can play with a level of freedom and give these fans what they deserve."

Judging by his inept performances today, if the weight is indeed off of Lescott's shoulders, it's been put right into his boots. And the Holte End made sure that Lescott had to hear his own words echoing back at him throughout the match. Take a listen at the devastatingly simple chant that Lescott met with.

You know, with relegation confirmed, it's just a weight off the chests of fans and now they can chant with a level and freedom and give these players what they deserve.