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Aston Villa vs. Southampton: Westwood provides a rare bright spot in 10th consecutive loss

Aston Villa lost again, and they didn't look very good doing so. But Ashley Westwood is a treasure.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

There is literally no point in recapping this match. Final score was 2-4 because that's an obligatory thing to put in the first paragraph. You've seen it before. Aston Villa, with a back line of Bad, Terrible, Worse, and Awful managed to provide no support to their keeper (Fumblehands) and shipped four goals to Southampton in their tenth consecutive Premier League loss.

If you want more details, please go read any of the recaps that we've written for the past nine matches. They tell you everything you need to know.

Instead of that, I'd like to actually focus on something good at Aston Villa. Ashley Westwood. No, he's not a world-beater. No, he's not as good as we all might hope. But dear God does he play his heart out for this club. And at a time when a player can talk about relegation being a relief, seeing some passion is genuinely wonderful.

Westwood had a pretty great match today. He created some chances. He made a few mistakes. He was Ashley Westwood. But he also found the back of the net twice. In a 2-4 match those goals meant nothing. And had they come from someone like Joleon Lescott, I'd just be irritated. But no, they came from one of the VERY FEW players at this club who have been consistently hard working and deserving of some sort of reward.

So good on you, Westy. Thank you for being the player we all want to see. Thank you for being someone who actually gives a damn about this club. And thank you for giving us two moments to cheer without irony today. For that alone, I think I'll love you forever.