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Aston Villa Season Tickets will cost less following relegation

Still a bit pricey, mind.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Aston Villa have today released pricing information for season tickets during the 2016/17 Championship campaign. Season tickets are on sale from Wednesday the 27th of April.

Prices start at £325 for adults or £14.13 per game, with top-priced tickets at £595.

Junior prices begin at £85 or £3.69 per game.

Anyone who buys their season ticket - or renews it - by May 31 will have the price fixed on their seat for the following 2017/18 season.

This is good, but not great news for loyal fans of the club. Although you do get the first Home cup game of the season for free, tickets are likely to be too expensive for many, especially considering that it only seems that adult prices have been reduced even though the club will be playing in the Championship.

Aston Villa could have certainly done more to win back fans after a horrible year, but at least this is something.