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Villa board members quit after row with Lerner

Emails between David Bernstein and Mervyn King were leaked to Randy Lerner.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Two days after David Bernstein and Mervyn King quit as board members at Aston Villa, now we learn that they walked after an e-mail argument with Randy Lerner.

The BBC reports that critical messages between the pair were leaked to the owner who then gave them a telling-off. This may explain the opening lines of King's resignation letter to chairman Steve Hollis:

"You will be aware of recent communications between the owner of Aston Villa and members of the Football Board.

Following these, I am sure you will understand that it is with real sorrow that I am writing to tender my resignation as a director of Aston Villa Football Club Ltd with immediate effect."

They were apparently "stunned by the content and tone of Lerner's email".

The article also suggests the board members were surprised at the lack of power they were given to make changes at the club.

We all knew that an argument with Lerner was the reason for their departure but that it was down to him not being able to take criticism sums up his time at Villa. Completely unable to see what needs to be done and happy to force anyone who disagrees with him out the door.

And that's not hopeful news for our next manager - who would be willing to walk into that situation?

If Villa's symbol is a lion, right now it's one with a couple of legs broken, mewling in the corner while the ringmaster raises his whip again. Someone better call the rescue centre.