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Villa starlet set for wage rise, despite drop to Championship!

The Mail reveal Villa's youngster is set for a pay rise.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

It's long been feared that Villa's young Adama was being paid an absurd amount of money for what he may one day become.

Well, to make your day brighter after a week of bad news - The Daily Mail have revealed that Adama is up for a pay rise next year!

Having been purchased from Barcelona for the rather average sum of £7 million, Adama was gifted a contract of £40,000 a week set to now rise to £60,000 with a further rise in 2017 to £90,000. Given that the youngster was reportedly being chased by Bayern Munich among others and the general surprise when Villa signed him, it is of course possible that AVFC used money to tempt him to Birmingham. Money which they don't have anymore.

The Mail also leaked a background story to Adama's signing. Apparently Villa's Head of Recruitment, Paddy Riley, was alerted to Stoke's interest in Adama Traore. Riley then pushed Lerner to sign Adama so they could leapfrog Stoke, a clear rival for mid-table (at that point). Stoke only saw Adama as a potential star, a reserve for now. Villa jumped the gun and paid for it. It's this kind of nonsense that has led Villa to being relegated.

Bear in mind that all of Villa's other signings will enjoy a wage drop of 50 percent and whilst this may pay for Adama, it's not a wage you want to see in the Championship.