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Gabby laughs off relegation

Club captain and "Mr. Villa" Gabby Agbonlahor took relegation in light-hearted fashion.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

After the resignation of two board members and the revelation there may be a potential buyer for Aston Villa, fans will be delighted to hear Gabby Agbonlahor isn't letting it get him down.

Yep that's The Sun set to splash tomorrow on the club captain apparently going out partying on the night Villa were relegated for the first time from the Premier League. When he was supposed to be on a "personal fitness program".

It looks like there´s some more on the 'hippy crack' laughing gas that we saw with Jack Grealish this season already and other antics.

It doesn't come as a surprise, it will be hyped up by The Sun as the worst crime ever committed by a footballer (while they continue to lavish praise on Jamie Vardy) and it's pretty clear Gabby has no role to play at Villa anymore.

But still, it's another thing that makes the club look like a laughing stock.

Gabby's continued role at the club about four seasons beyond where it should have ended with fond memories is as neat a summary of what's gone wrong at all levels as we can imagine.