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Villa Chairman speaks out

Steve Hollis pens open letter following Villa's relegation

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Aston Villa haven't taken a great deal of time in addressing their relegation, in fact, it was barely over twenty four hours before Steve Hollis spoke out. Funnily enough, the address has been called an 'open letter'. Pretty ironic, you know, considering the amount of open letters the club has been on the end of recently.

"Dear Supporters.

First, on behalf of the Board, let me express my deep regret that I find myself writing this open letter to you, knowing just how much hurt and pain, anger and anguish will have been felt by you all after the Club lost its Premier League status this weekend.Your profound sadness is shared by everyone connected with the Club and while I know that will be of little consolation in the days ahead, it should be a source of reassurance as we rebuild the foundations for future successes.

We must acknowledge that this weekend's confirmation has been the culmination of an unacceptably fractured season both on and off the pitch. That isn't down to bad luck. To make such a claim would be insulting to each and every one of you. I must add you have all displayed unyielding commitment in adversity.While it is of little solace at present, the process of identifying the root causes of our circumstances started long ago and the focus now has to be looking forward and making sure lessons have been learnt.The search for a new manager to provide drive, direction and immediate promotion has commenced. Together, we share the same goal. We intend to restore Aston Villa Football Club to its rightful place. It is a journey we must make together so we can bring success, enjoyment and exciting football back to Villa Park once more."

One of the key points here is the quote 'your sadness will be shared by everyone connected with the club'. Really? Troy Deeney has shown more emotion about Villa going down than some people, and he's a damn bluenose. In fact, Steve Hollis, who has been a walking-talking corporation for most of his life, manages to show more emotion in his language than Villa's own captain.

The open letter is of little consolation, but at least Villa have taken a step towards owning their relegation. More of the same please, AVFC. Let us in.