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Idrissa Gueye's agent believes client will depart Villa

The agent of Villa midfielder Idrissa Gueye believes his client will have options after Villa's relegation, and expects Gueye to begin next season sporting different colors.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The mass exodus may be underway imminently. Relegation was confirmed for Aston Villa earlier today following a 1-0 loss to Manchester United, putting a long and painful season finally to rest. It's clear that many players have been largely disinterested for weeks, and with that disinterest, departures are inevitable. Villa's standout players will attract the most attention and will likely leave first, with Idrissa Gueye just about topping that list.

Today the Senegalese midfielder's agent said that he "will almost certainly be at another Premier League club, if not, then the Bundesliga."

It's important to keep in mind that Gueye's agent stands to be the financial beneficiary of another transfer and is likely to push his client in that direction, so it's best to take this statement with a grain of salt. Gueye hasn't done anything thus far to appear notedly disillusioned with the club and his situation as some of the others have, but Gueye's work as a defensive midfielder tackling, intercepting, and distributing has drawn the praise of both Villa fans and the attention of other onlookers. He and Jordan Ayew will likely be the two hottest commodities as the transfer window draws nearer, and it would be surprising to see either of them start the season at Villa Park.