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Instant recap: Aston Villa limp to relegation in 1-0 loss to Manchester United

Aston Villa lost. Aston Villa are relegated.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Here's the briefest recap you've ever read, and it really hits all of the salient points of this match. The whistle blew. Tepid football ensued. Manchester United tried to be exciting. Marcus Rushford actually was exciting (and very good!) and scored. Then halftime. Then the second half. Lots of tepid football. Rudy Gestede came on. Missed an open goal, hit the post. Whistle blew. Aston Villa relegated.

That was it.

For the match. For the season. For the death watch we've all kept over this sickly club. It's all over now. Four matches remain and they mean absolutely nothing. If you're done following for the year, I get it.

And the worst part is how much this still hurts. We've known relegation was coming since November, really. It felt as if it happening would finally ease the worry. And it might. But for right now it's just miserable.

To everyone reading: thank you. Villa are down, but we're not out. The club isn't dead, and it will go on. And we'll all be there on the glorious day when we make it back to the Premier League.