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Aston Villa players unmotivated, on verge of "anarchy" and somehow this is new

Aston Villa players are ready to give up. What a shock!

Aston Villa v A.F.C. Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Oh boy, here comes the fun stuff. According to interim/caretaker/barely acceptable manager Eric Black, Aston Villa are on the verge of "anarchy" should the be relegated. Let's not mess around here. Let's just get to the sweet, sweet quotes:

"It’s not an easy situation in terms of motivating players because this could very easily implode... It could very easily turn into anarchy. Easily, it could easily happen. I’m going to try and ensure that is not the case... If they’re all relegated and decide they don’t want to play, I’ve only got certain things I can do."

There's more in the Birmingham Mail article linked above and you should definitely read it, but this should suffice for right now. You get it.

My absolute favorite part of these quotes is the use of the conditional. "This could implode." "This could happen." "If they're relegated and decide they don't want to play."

Why do I love this so much? Because all of it has already happened. This team already has imploded. This team already is (basically) relegated. AND THESE PLAYERS HAVE DECIDED THEY DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY MONTHS AGO.

It's the last one that I find most galling. Joleon Lescott waved the white flag when his a** tweeted a picture of a fancy car and then his mouth said "Sorry for not trying and oh by the way, that was my a** and not just me being an a**."

Micah Richards barely even has the energy to make stupid decisions any more. Kieran Richardson is doing whatever it is he does. And Gabby Agbonlahor apparently stopped trying so hard that he's been sent to fat camp.

Oh, just one more quote. "[Relegation and being in limbo] are not great elements to motivate yourself every single day to do whatever." Fair. Definitely tough. If only the players had some reason to motivate themselves to work hard. To play hard. If only the had something like 15-45,000 reasons per week. IF ONLY THEY GOT PAID A STUPIDLY ABSURD AMOUNT OF MONEY TO LOOK LIKE THEY GIVE A SHIT.

But alas. They only have the motivational skills of a manager who can't see that his team is already done trying and in anarchy.

So yes, Eric, if (when) this team is relegated, you're going to be dealing with a bunch of players who are done trying. It'll feel oddly familiar. Something quite a bit like the past few weeks, I'd imagine.