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Preview: Villa look to extend Premier League life at Manchester United

Remember last time Villa played United, when a bad deflection was all that separated the two sides? Yeah, don’t expect that this time around.

A picture from when we had hope.
A picture from when we had hope.
Michael Regan/Getty Images

You know, it would be a great troll job if Aston Villa went into Old Trafford tomorrow and beat Manchester United to prolong their Premier League status for another week — given Norwich City didn’t pick up a point against Sunderland in the early kickoff — wouldn’t it? I’d love that so much. Let’s do it.

What to know about Villa

Eric Black is a bad caretaker manager.

He’s been quoted saying his goal is to win a match for Villa or whatever, which makes sense [i]except for the fact that winning games does nothing productive for the club now[/i]. We know what this group of (puts on Donald Trump hat) SAD! LOW-ENERGY LOSERS (takes off Donald Trump hat) is all about, and it’s a bunch of crap that’s getting this club relegated from the Premier League in the first place. It’s not productive for the club at all to keep playing the same crew that’s making sure it goes (puts on Taylor Swift costume) down in flames (leaves Taylor Swift costume on because she’s fantastic).

Like, what the hell does the club get out of playing the same general lineup every week? Scott Sinclair, Aly Cissokho, Leandro Bacuna and Joleon Lescott haven’t given you anything all year, so why the hell aren’t you trying something different if your goal is to "win a match," Eric?

I’d rather start the entire U-21 squad that beat West Ham on Monday than the senior squad we put out the week before. Jack Grealish is fit again, and not including him in this squad would be a disgrace after his performance Monday. Jordan Lyden was in the XI last week, so I’d love to see him again, but players like André Green should be joining them in the setup.

Look, give me a team worth caring about. That’s not Villa’s senior players right now.

What to know about United

LOL, Louis van Gaal.

At least the Red Devils are still in the FA Cup, and despite their best efforts, it’s still pretty plausible United qualify for the Champions League, which is hilarious.

It’s shocking how quickly United went from being the team at the top that nobody could beat to, well, a team that’s worse than Arsenal and Spurs.

Regardless, and I’ve said this every time this year about a top club, Villa’s going to have the inferior players at every spot on the pitch. It’s going to take a great, passionate performance to get something out of this and, quite frankly, who’d expect that out of those same, boring senior players?

United moved through to the FA Cup semi-final midweek with a win over West Ham United, but they weren’t particularly impressive in doing so — the Hammers should’ve done more in that match. It’d be winnable for even the Paul Lambert Villa sides, but unless Black surprises us, don’t expect Villa to finally pick up a shock result.

The odds

Just put the money on United at any price and watch the money flow in.

The prediction

Villa are great at making out-of-form sides look good. Give me United, and give them a few goals, too.

United 4, Villa 1