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Remi's right hand man leaves Villa

Another day, another Frenchman departs. And no, it's not Charles N'Zogbia

Eric Black (right), one time Birmingham City manager
Eric Black (right), one time Birmingham City manager
Alexander Heimann/Getty Images

Remi's right hand man; Reginald Ray has departed Bodymoor Heath for good today.

A statement released on Aston Villa's official site today announced the news that Ray has left the club.

In fact, that's about all the statement says, and I guess it sums up the Frenchman's time at the club. Brief. Saying that, previous assistant managers include Roy Keane and Ray Wilkins, so Ray leaves the club with a modicum of credibility. It's all relative I guess.

Ray, along with Eric Black and Robert Duverne were the notable additions to the coaching staff under the French regime, but apart from Remi himself, he is the only departure so far. Emphasis on so far, as Duverne is expected to depart at the end of the season, to allow for whoever takes over to form his own coaching staff.

As for Eric Black, he will for tomorrow's game against Chelsea, and potentially, until the end of the season. Yes, Black is ANOTHER Scottish manager, but an experienced one at least. He has worked as a first team coach, assistant and caretaker manager in both the Scottish and English Premier League, so he does at least know what he's doing.

There is but one mark on Eric Black's record. In 2007, he took charge of Birmingham City for just one game, a losing effort against Portsmouth. But, if Eric Black can do the impossible and steer Villa to safety, I'd consider forgiving him.