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Villa face Wenger wrath

Aston Villa are doing a good job of making enemies.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Many Aston Villa fans were glad to see the back of Remi Garde, but his departure has irked a fellow Premier League manager.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who managed Remi Garde from 1996-99, has criticised Villa today, claiming that they were wrong to let the 49 year old Frenchman go.

In his press conference ahead of Arsenal's clash with Watford tomorrow, Arsene Wenger had some choice words for the Aston Villa board. He said:

"It’s disappointing. When he (Garde) was appointed it was more of a long-term appointment at the time.
"Villa were in a very weak position to remain in the Premier League and I think he considered that they could go down.
"Unfortunately he wasn’t given the time to rebuild the team and have a go at coming up again next season.
"Villa have been unstable with their managers over the recent years.
"They’ve used many, many managers and it’s a good demonstration that (changing managers) is not a good solution to being successful."

Arsene Wenger has both stated the obvious here, and also said exactly what's needed to be said. Aston Villa are in a pretty sorry state sure, but it would be extremely unfair to put more than a little bit of blame on Remi. Randy Lerner, Tom Fox and Paddy Reilly to me, have done more damage than Remi ever did. And Remi tried to turn things around, as opposed to going through the motions, until the end at least.

On the flip side, as the longest tenured manager in the League, Arsene Wenger maybe isn't the best person to be commenting on manager hirings and firings. Sure, a high manager turnover isn't ideal for any club. But for this club, no matter how nice a guy Remi is, his time was up.