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Gabby Agbonlahor suspended by Aston Villa

More misery to read about.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

You may have seen various photos of Gabby surface on the cream of the crop, you know, the scum that rises to the top of British Media?

You may have seen unhappy fans (unfortunately, like my unreasonable self).

Well, Aston Villa certainly have.

It was today announced by the BBC that Gabby Agbonlahor, 'Club Captain' of Aston Villa has been suspended for an indefinite amount of time. Disappointing news, especially since Gabby's role at the club was to not only lead the dressing room, but be a representative pillar on and off the pitch.

It's also a great start to Eric Black's temporary reign as Villa's Caretaker boss as Aston Villa will now have one less 'striker' for the foreseeable future.

I have a lot of respect for Gabby, but it's pretty clear he doesn't want to be a footballer, and even if he does want to play for the Villa, the fact that I think it looks like he doesn't want to be a footballer is a pretty bad image to put out, if you want to be a footballer. I get it, he did his job, he's got his money and can probably retire a wealthy man with a nest egg for his kids, but please, please do not drag Aston Villa down with you.