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Can reality match the myth of El Clásico? Unusual Efforts launches and examines just that

After a month of waiting, Unusual Efforts is finally here!

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David Ramos/Getty Images

At the end of February, we brought your attention to one of the best efforts on the Internet right now: Unusual Efforts. The website, dedicated to providing opportunities in football for women writers and artists, finally launches today! They went live about thirty minutes ago, and their first article is a look at whether or not El Clásico can actually live up to the mythologizing and hype that so often surrounds it. And with the latest edition of the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match set to take place tomorrow, the timing couldn't be better!

The article is written by Jessica Lopez and features art by Hannah Carroll. It's a fantastic piece of work, and we couldn't be more excited for the team behind the site. This promises to be a home for spectacular journalism, art, and commentary, and the fact that it's affording women in the field a chance to do all of that is just icing on the cake.

And while the site is launching today, their funding efforts are ongoing, so if you can, please consider helping out. Our very own Kirsten Schlewitz has partnered with Sonja Missio for this endeavor, and I cannot think of two more capable and talented editorial minds. Their IndieGoGo campaign can still be found right here. You can follow them on twitter @UnusualEfforts, as well, for all the latest updates.

If you're still reading this: why? Head on over and give them a read. It won't be the last time you'll want to see the site!