Where have all the believers gone?

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

We remember how Chelsea players went through the motions in order to remove Mourinho. Can it be that there is a group of players in the Villa team who are also going through the motions? Are they resigned to their fate? Are they playing and training with the aim of being shipped out? Are they aiming to get Garde removed? Have we an attitude on the pitch that shames the shirt? Is there fire with the smoke?

From the terraces there seems to be a wall between the bench and field. Recruitment has been the problem. The wrongs must be righted. Almstadt, Reilly, and the least cunning Fox in history are with us still. Mr Hollis, do your job, listen to those villans who are steeped in the game, and take heed. If you can't do that then resign. We are in a worse position than when we went down in 1967, and back then it took us eight years to return to the top flight.

Mr Lerner, the buck stops with you. Aren't you hurting? How did you feel when you heard the Fox saying on TV that you were having fun with the club? How do you think the loyal Villa supporters felt? I've watched us go down to the third tier of the English league and I'm telling you we are in potentially the worst crisis this great club of ours has ever known.

It's time for we Villa fans to take out a full page ad in The Times in which we promote our club, it's history and potential, and plead for a villan to buy our club. There is no reason why we can't be a club like Man United. Only 40% of their attendance call themselves local. We have to dream. We have to go for it. I don't want us to be a well run small club. I want us to be a super club. I want us to be the Aston Villa I dream of, with the modern day equivalents of Pongo Waring and Billy Walker. With players having the loyalty and commitment of Charlie Aikten, the effortless grace of Brian Little, the genius of God and the character of Mortimer.

If Nottingham Forest can win two European cups. If we can go from the old third division to Champions of Europe in 10 years. If Leicester can do a Leicester. If Wimbledon can win the FA cup. If Bournemouth can be in the Premiership. If Accrington Stanley can rise from the dead. Anything is possible. And yet nothing is possible without belief. Where are the believers?

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