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A GIF-based summary of Remi Garde's time at Aston Villa

Well, we may as well have some damn fun.

Remi Garde has left Aston Villa by "mutual consent". Which in reality means he had his head slammed to a desk, a pen bound to his hand and made to leave instead of being pushed into a quite cushy financial situation, the kind that sacking brings. Here at 7500toHolte, we're pretty annoyed, especially since we all expected this and had slight hopes it wouldn't actually go through. To try and have some fun, I've summed it Garde's time at Villa in a number of GIFs.

'The Lerners Send Their Regards'

Garde may as well have been sitting at the 'Red Wedding' himself for all the sneaky backstabbing that took place during his reign.

'Brad Guzan Airball'

This actual event didn't happen during Garde's reign, but in essence, it did. Joleon Lescott, Micah Richards, Alan Hutton, Jordan Ayew and Guzan himself have all made woeful, game-destroying errors under Garde's management and despite the Frenchman's own failings, he can't be blamed for that.

'The Red Pill'

One option facing Villa is to hire the beleaguered David Moyes, fresh from a rinsing at both United and Sociedad. This gets in because due to Villa's lacklustre secret keeper, it leaked that Villa might have been tapping up Moyes during the last days of Garde's time at AVFC.

'The Blue Pill'

The other manager rumoured to take charge is ex-Leicester boss, Nigel Pearson. The above GIF may be taken right the hell out of context, but I just don't think there's any reason for a man to lay hands on another man's neck (unless there's some mutually agreed intimacy going on or he's in the damn kimura lock during a UFC match).

'Transfer Window Lies'

Garde was lied to during the January transfer window. All manner of targets lay in waiting, only for 'Head of Recruitment' Paddy Riley to apparently not even bother contacting Garde's choices. Garde may as well have been running into a brick wall, or a glass screen.


No-one will look back on Remi's time fondly. But he tried his best and was sold down the river.