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Have your say on Remi Garde!

Garde has left, have your say!

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Let rip, we've all been waiting for this to happen.

Remi Garde's time at Villa was defined by uncertainty as well as a lack of support from the Villa board.

We've had plenty of time on the proverbial mic here at 7500toHolte and we know we've got a great and intelligent set of readers and this is your chance to lay the smackdown either on Villa or Remi Garde's management (or lack thereof). I'll lay down a few questions to get the juices flowing for you!

Was Remi given a fair shot at Villa?

Where will Garde end up? Do you care?

Was Garde the right man?

What do you make of the January shenanigans?

Did Garde give up?

Who should replace Remi?

As always, you can make a fanpost if you fancy a longer take on tonight's events. We always enjoy hearing from the readers and fans of this site. It's been a hard season so far and thanks for following, through us.