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Micah Richards and Gabby Agbonlahor caught partying in Dubai

Happy Easter.

The Daily Mail

It's good to see Villa's two best players enjoying a well-earned rest isn't it?

I'm so happy they get to enjoy spending their well-earned thousands of pounds!

Well, not really. Usually, I wouldn't be the type to batter players for what they do off of the pitch, but I actually can't abide by this right now. As Villa's manager looks to be sacked and the board is quite literally searching for reasons to get rid of people, you wouldn't expect two of Villa's most under-fire players to be caught out like this. It's beyond fucking belief, to be frank.

I don't want to care as much as I do, but Micah and Gabby are my two favourite Villa players right now - and there's no reason for that senseless admiration, I know. That's why I'm so angry, I'm so damn desperate for these two to turn it around and during the international break they aren't resting, they are potentially getting smashed. Thanks to the Daily Mail for capturing this.