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Have Aston Villa found their new 'Director of Football Operations'?

The FA man is being touted by David Bernstein for the new role

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Michael Regan/Getty Images

Aston Villa are currently searching for the man who will lead Villa back into the Premier League, by way of controlling the football structure over at Bodymoor Heath, regardless of who is or isn't managing the football team.

That man might just be the Football Association's Technical Director, Dan Ashworth. Ashworth helped oversee West Bromwich Albion's fortunes in recent years (if you can call them that, but they are certainly a stable club) and is currently overseeing 'Elite Development' at the FA, something which Aston Villa certainly need.

Interestingly enough, Dan Ashworth is the man creating the plan which he believes would see the England National Team win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

"The way I see it, it would be someone who is very strong operationally, who knows how to deal with structural issues, who can assess what we've got and who can make the changes we need to make on the football side."

- Villa chief David Bernstein on the open role at Villa Park

This possible move looks set to bring about the plan that Tom Fox could never quite figure out, a man behind the scenes that keeps Villa moving in one direction as a united unit despite changes on and off the pitch. It is worth giving Ashworth a fair shot as the man who knows most about football at Villa, Bernstein, seems to favour him and see Dan in the role.