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EA Sports and FIFA Ultimate Team show they don’t know Jack with St Patrick’s lepre-con

At least Aston Villa aren't the ones embarrassing Aston Villa this time around.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Saint Patrick's Day is a yearly source of embarrassment and for a few reasons.

A - People pretend they are Irish in one of the most spectacular events of cultural misrepresentation you will ever see (Ireland is in fact full of sadness and not big Guinness hats and green).

B - People get too drunk.

C - Drinking leads to embarrassment.

Aston Villa are a daily source of embarrassment and for many reasons.

What happens when you mix the two with a sprinkling of EA Sport's massively popular FIFA game mode, Ultimate Team?

For the uninitiated, Jack Grealish decided to represent his birth country, England, rather than his ancestral homeland of Ireland last year.

So when EA Sports decided to launch a 'ST Patricks Cup' in FIFA 16' Ultimate Team mode with special limited edition St Paddy's cards, they forgot the simplest fact of all when picking players: Jack Grealish isn't an Irish footballer.