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Aston Villa rip down innocuous "Lerner Out" banner, manage to enrage everyone

Aston Villa are REALLY bad at PR.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

So you're a club who aren't very good. In fact you're terrible. It's just been revealed that your CEO makes £1.25 million per year to run your club into the ground, and fans are angry.

As so often happens in a situation like this, some of those angry fans brought a banner with them to the North Stand of Villa Park on Sunday for the match against Tottenham Hotspur. As these banners go, it was pretty innocuous. Plain. White. "Lerner Out" on one side and "Get the Fox Out" on the other. If it just flies, no one probably takes any notice.

But no, Aston Villa are not that smart. Instead, stewards were sent to take down the sign.

And what was once a simple harmless sign has now become a symbol. And now Mat Kendrick in the Birmingham Mailcalls the scene "Pathetic, really, really pathetic." He went on to add what SHOULD be obvious, but apparently isn't. "Surely the best way for this club to avoid criticism is not to employ heavy handed tactics to silence the critics, it’s to start making some good decisions."

Aston Villa: even when we're imploding on the pitch, there's still more disaster off of it. What a shambles.