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Aston Villa vs. Tottenham Hotspur final score: Villa succumb to Harry Kane force wins

Aston Villa have once again rolled over and allowed a visitor to make Villa Park home.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Well that deteriorated quickly.

The first half was an absolutely riveting affair. Brad Guzan was the star of the show as he parried shot after shot that Tottenham sent his way. At one point, it felt like Harry Kane could have had a hat-trick before the 40th minute, but Guzan stopped two (and the bar stopped the first). It was the Brad Guzan that we had all grown to love a few years ago and it was absolutely fantastic to see again.

Better still was the fact that, for the first time in ages, it actually looked as if Aston Villa cared about the outcome of the match. Now, of course, we weren't good, but there was passion. Aly Cissokho still can't cross. Rudy Gestede still cavorts around the box like a newborn giraffe. Counters die early because we aren't all that fast. But the effort was there, and in a season that is already doomed, I'll take that.

But then, minutes before the whistle, Villa were on a nice little break. The ref blew his whistle and put a stop to play because Ashley Westwood had hurt his ankle. When things resumed, Spurs quickly got the ball, had a free kick, and before you knew it Harry Kane had made it 0-1.

So much for going into the half even.

The second half began with no changes for either team. Including in momentum. In the 48th minute, on a quick counter, Harry Kane was fed the ball in the Villa box and made it 0-2. And for both goals, it was hard to blame Guzan. Instead, the defense, who went absent, were at fault.

After that? Well, it was just a matter of seeing the loss out.

That's not to say there wasn't anything worth noting. In the 62nd minute, 17-year-old striker Andre Green came on to replace Jordan Veretout. Rémi Garde seems to finally realize that playing youngsters cannot possibly hurt this team any more than playing the senior squad will.

And just when they had a decent story to point to for the day, the club shot itself in the foot and ripped down the most innocuous banner seen at Villa Park all season, doing nothing but angering fans who were already pissed off.

This club doesn't get the benefit of the doubt anymore. After the two Kane goals, it looked as if everyone on the pitch gave up. And off the pitch the club are actively spiting their fans, the only people who manage to keep this team relevant. We're a disaster and the sooner this is over the better.