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Aston Villa vs. Tottenham Hotspur live stream 2016: Game time, TV schedule and how to watch online

Aston Villa get (?) to host Tottenham Hotspur. Here's how you can follow along!

Bennett Berry

Um. This match. This could be bad. Spurs currently sit second in the table and got absolutely destroyed in the middle of the week in Europa League play. They've been doing well for so long that you'd think "Well, it's Spurs, a let down SURELY has to be coming, right?" Except that might have been the let down.

And as for Villa, every time I try to think "Well, we've been bad for so long, SURELY a good result must be coming" they manage to lower the bar.

So if this goes any way but disaster, I'll be surprised. For those of us in the US, remember that the match starts an hour later than we'd normally expect, thanks to springing forward last night (you did set your clock, right?). Also, we can watch the match on Telemundo! That means I can watch on my TV. Without a delay! Hooray!

Here's everything you need to follow along. We'll post lineups when we get them.

Location: Villa Park, Birmingham, England

Kick-off time: 4 PM GMT, 12 PM Eastern, 9 AM Pacific

SB Nation Spurs Blog: Cartilage Free Captain

Available TV: Telemundo (US)

Available streaming: NBC Sports Live Extra

Available radio: BBC Radio (UK), AVTV (subscription required), Westwood One Sports (US)

For listings in other countries, check out

Aston Villa squad

Tottenham Hotspur squad