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Brian Little to advise the Board of Directors

Former Villa player Brian Little has been appointed to be an advisor to the Board of Directors.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Amidst intense outcry from the fans to involved more 'football people' in the operation and running of the club, some of the higher-ups seemed to be taking note as former Villa player Brian Little was appointed to the role of 'advisor' on the Board of Directors. Little is seen as a person with an extremely competent grasp on the game of football on the whole, and his insights in a room full of less football-knowledgeable executives should help the club realize how flawed the current structure is and devise a new plan to resurrect the on-field product at Villa Park once more.

This appointment was accompanied by the appointment of David Bernstein, who also has a long record in the game. It appears that Steven Hollis may be taking note of what the fans think is the best route forward - as more consistent communication between the club and the fans is reached, we should begin to see substantial improvements in how the club is run. This is far from a solution, but it may be a start.