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Aston Villa vs. Everton live stream 2016: Game time, TV schedule and how to watch online

We've got everything you need to watch as Aston Villa host Everton.

Bennett Berry

What? How? How is there another match today. Aston Villa just lost their seventeenth match (related: hahahahahahahahahaha) barely more than 72 hours ago. We should all be given a break. Surely making us go yet again as if in some Paul Lambertesque nightmare Hellscape violates at least one of the tenets of the Geneva Conventions, no?

But alas, we go again. This time against Everton who currently sit in what must be to them a disappointing twelfth place, but to us would be seen as nothing short of a miracle. Everton are a team made up of Romelu Lukaku and a bunch of players who are not nearly as entertaining as Romelu Lukaku. Romelu Lukaku is in possession of both a name that is so much fun to say that you can't help but say the whole thing and the talent necessary to get a hat-trick against Villa.

And after losing 2-1 to Stoke, Aston Villa are surely done. So today's real drama will come in the 74th minute when we see just how many fans decide to actually be #OutTheDoorOn74. My guess is that the protest won't have nearly as many participants as organizers would have hoped if only because there probably won't be that many people at Villa Park today.

If you'd like to watch along, we've got everything you need below. If you'd rather forget about Aston Villa, I've provided some recipes that should do the trick. You will also find them below. In fact, everything you need to get through this evening, however you want, is below. You're welcome.

Location: Villa Park, Birmingham, England

Kick-off time: 7:45 PM GMT, 2:45 PM Eastern, 11:45 AM Pacific

SB Nation Everton Blog: Royal Blue Mersey

Available TV: Sky Mexico (Costa Rica)

Available streaming: NBC Sports Live Extra

Available radio: BBC WM 95.6 FM (UK), AVTV (subscription required), Westwood One Sports (US), TalkSport Radio World

For listings in other countries, check out

Aston Villa squad

Everton squad

Forget about Aston Villa libation - fancy version

  • 2 oz bourbon or rye
  • 2 sugar cubes or 2 tsp sugar or 2 teaspoons of simple syrup
  • Bitters (I like a blend I've made using bourbon and aromatic bitters ingredients with cinnamon sticks, but plain ol' aromatic or orange bitters will do wonderfully)
  • Ice
  • Orange peel
Place sugar in a rocks glass and add bitters. I tend to be a bit liberal here, but go to taste. You can add more later. If you use less AND you're not using simple syrup add a half teaspoon of water. Muddle that. Put in a big ol' ice cube or a bunch of ice. Pour bourbon/rye on top. Stir. Garnish with an orange peel. If you want to add a bunch of fruit in there, that's your (wrong) choice.

Forget about Aston Villa libation - less fancy version

  • Bourbon, or alcohol of your choice
  • Ice. Or not.
  • Glass. Or not.
Pour alcohol and ice into glass. Or put ice in mouth and add alcohol. Or just put alcohol in a glass. Or just put alcohol straight into your mouth. Will people judge you? Absolutely. But remind them that you're doing this instead of watching Aston Villa and they will see your effort for the wise decision that it is.