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Villa striker situation worsens as Libor Kozak ruled out with ankle fracture

When it rains, it pours

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

I don't know who to feel more sorry for at present, Remi Garde, who so desperately wanted another striker in January; or Libor Kozak, who has suffered his third bone break in three years.

Remi Garde confirmed in his pre match press conference this morning that Czech striker Libor Kozak will be spending the next while on the sidelines, as the injury that caused him to miss the Manchester City and West Ham games is revealed to be a fractured ankle.

Rather optimistically, Remi Garde believes that Kozak will be out for three to four weeks, but given poor Kozak's injury history, it would make sense to not rush him back too soon, no matter how bad the team may be playing come March. Personally, I'd be surprised to see him back this season.

Of course, Kozak's injury serves to make the current situation just that bit worse. Jordan Ayew can't play for the next three games due to suspension, and whilst we don't quite know when Rudy Gestede will be back, Remi Garde has confirmed that he won't be ready for Saturday's game against Norwich City. So who does that leave?

Could Gabby Agbonlahor be Aston Villa's knight in shining armour? Granted, before the extent of Kozak's injury was reported, we already knew that Villa would be relying on Gabby for the Norwich game, but this all but confirms it.

Finally, over the last couple of weeks there have been calls for Remi Garde to blood in some of the younger players as this season becomes more meaningless by the week. But don't hold your breath on that happening.

Speaking on including the youngsters, Garde said:

“To be fair, the situation where we are in is not the best place to start your professional career.
“I don’t want to put them into a difficult situation.”

To be fair, he has a point. But that doesn't make me feel much better about the current situation.