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7500 Recommends: 'Doomsday for the Derelict'

Want to feel depressed? Chris Nee of In Bed With Maradona paints a portrait of the broken 'Lerner Dream'.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

As much as we at 7500 to Holte are fans of Aston Villa, we're also huge fans of good writing about Aston Villa and football.

Chris Nee of the Aston Villa Review has pretty much raised the bar for anyone wishing to create the best ever article about Aston Villa (I bloody well try every home game) and pretty much captures they dying embers of angst that lie in almost all of us following Villa. It's worth a read and for someone who is a season ticket holder, Chris' writing brings those exact feelings of walking home from a match amid a gust of fast food wrappers and disappointment to mind.

It wouldn't be fair to this piece to quote it here. I say that, because I'd feel uneasy if you weren't following this link HERE. That's right this link HERE to show your love and some views to this awesome piece of work. You might feel depressed at the end, but hey-ho that's life.

If you're still reading this, piss off and read the article. Now. Do it.