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Aston Villa's tickets seem a bit high compared to the on-the-pitch product

Sort it out, Villa!

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

I don't need to patronise anyone here by telling you there's a lot wrong with Villa. The squad has the depth of an evaporating puddle, the manager has all the support of a forty year old bra and the board don't have a clue, exactly like a half-empty game of Cluedo.

So why, oh why do the head honchos at our beloved Villans believe it's a good idea to price games at this level?

Villa v Everton

Barclays Premier League
Villa Park
Tuesday March 1
Kick-off: 7:45pm
Category B game
Prices: £25 to £42 [adults], £25 to £42 [concessions], £17 to £35 [U18s], £12 to £35 [U8s], £37 to £42 [adult/junior (U18) combo ticket]

For a category B game, at Villa Park on a cold Tuesday night in February you can expect to pay a maximum of £42. Again, I don't need to patronise you by telling you how ridiculous that is.

If you want to take your under-eight years old child, you might be paying upwards of £35. God forbid you take a family of four to the Villa, where the worst case scenario will have you blowing over one-hundred pounds before you've bought little Daisy a pie.

I'm no economist, but even if these prices are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the Premier League, Aston Villa need to consider that they aren't exactly ‘Premier League' right now.

At a time when Aston Villa are facing not one, but two supporter boycotts - Villa are seriously being cut adrift from their fanbase. Now might not be the best time, but in coming weeks, Aston Villa must consider the respect they choose to show to a fanbase who are a bad result away from giving up completely.