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Aston Villa fans plan walk-out protest

Football is life for many, that's why fan action is necessary right now.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Liverpool fans pretty much stunned the footballing world when they made the FSG cancel a huge ticket price hike with a seventy-seventh minute walkout earlier in February. It's hard to deny the affect that the walkout had on the pitch either, with Liverpool conceding two goals after the walkout.

That's a world away from Aston Villa though, isn't it? Not as far as you would think.

You see, I like to think football is my life. It's a huge part of it, there's no denying it - but for a huge amount of people at Villa Park, football is their life.

Their social gatherings turn into trips to Stoke and Wycombe, away days following the Premier League's worst team. When I wake up and think 'do I really want to go?', there's no question in their mind. I love spending time with my girlfriend, I like cooking, reading, playing Football Manager and Rocket League. I love football and it's important to me, but it's nowhere near the all-consuming lifestyle that it is for a bunch of people.

That said, I'm still angry at recent events, I'm still upset at how things have seemingly been handled. I'm distraught at the way Aston Villa haven't been driven into the ground, but allowed to slowly slide into nothingness. If I'm angry, imagine how those people feel? Those people who give their life and their time to Villa? We've seen the apathy, we've discussed the state of the club, but we've not really shown much in the way of the anger that highlights and underlines our recent writing.

That's why I'd ask you to consider the 'Out The Door on 74' movement.

The sad truth is that almost nothing can be done. Randy Lerner wants to sell our team and as slow as that process may be, the club is up for sale. The best thing for people to do is simply not go to Villa Park under any circumstances, if they are that angry. If true, the alarming confessions of Paul Lambert should show that even before Villa were up for sale, they were dead in the water which is further reason to just avoid Villa Park. Sadly, this will not happen. Our deep-running devotion to Aston Villa will stay and contradict our attempts to avoid matches.

    That's why the next best option is to walk out on 74 minutes. Simply because there is seemingly no more options. The mass media seem to obsessed with the 'Villa are shit' trope rather than focusing on possibly why Villa are bad. They want to write about Fox's 'bodyguards' and other matters, not the continuing revelation that Villa have done absolutely fuck all for supporters in the past five years, on the pitch or off of it. Even if you can't attend the match, there's a few things you can do below to support (remember, you don't have to support, only if you want to - your voice is as important in these 'trying' times).

  • Liking and sharing our Facebook page among your Villa supporting friends
  • Jumping on Twitter and tweeting your support for the cause, Hashtag: #OutTheDoorOn74
  • Tweeting the #OutTheDoorOn74 hashtag and website URL to journalists that you think may be interested in reporting the story.

I've a sense of pride in the fact that I've never left a match early and I'd feel awful about giving that up because of Lerner. Maybe that streak might come to an end.