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Repay Aston Villa's silence and apathy with your own

Enough is enough.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

I see too much rumour flying around these days, and that increased following Aston Villa's crushing loss to Liverpool. What's worse is when those rumours slowly reveal themselves to be true, almost like an eternally revealing plot-twist. You wish for them to go away, to be proven false, but they aren't.

Aston Villa are not a dying football club, Aston Villa are not a dying business, but Aston Villa have destroyed my goodwill and faith towards them on the back of a few things that have happened during the past few days and that, dear reader, is bad enough.

The complete lack of awareness and understanding shown by those 'in charge' of the club towards their fanbase is utterly appalling. The complete lack of public support shown towards their players and manager is also upsetting.

But what really, really pushes me to the absolute limit is the confessions of one Elaine Rose. Elaine had worked for Villa's hospitality crew during the past six years and decided to quit following Sunday's loss.

I hate to point fingers, I really, really do - but every single thing that has happened to Aston Villa almost always leads back to one man - Tom Fox.

Staff at Villa had to reapply for their OWN jobs in the summer. I'm not aware that this is normal practice anywhere else in the entire fucking universe and should certainly not be the process at a football club, you know - considering the revolving wedge of cash that gets jammed in the doors. Long-serving staff at Villa have been sacked and been told that they 'cannot do their job'. Supporters who engage in a disagreement about the position of the club are ejected as though their opinion was an airborne cancer.

In an interview with BBC WM, Elaine revealed that a member of the hierarchy stated that 'even Jesus Christ couldn't get us out of this'. Well, that's all well and good to say unknown member of the AVFC board, but a transfer deal in January isn't exactly water into wine, is it? Villa's position is not just down to events on the pitch, it's lead into a nosedive by the complete apathy shown by those who are meant to be guiding the club to safety.

I completely understand Randy Lerner wants to sell, but pissing off into the wilderness is not how you sell anything. Hoping and praying that a wild buyer appears won't cut it. Randy, you must actively seek a buyer, you must invest, you must make the club an attractive proposition - not let it fester until someone takes it off of you. You've been to Villa three times in four years, and even though you don't want a part of this - unfortunately there are people involved whose entire livelihood relies on you at least giving the faintest hint of care.

Relegation is a possibility in football. It's always there to claim the three worst teams and yeah, that's ok - it happens! What I can't abide by is the treatment of the people who actually run the club in the absence of our owner and the apathy of our chairman.

And hey, Tom - I'll be the first to forgive you if you turn this attitude around. There's nothing more I would want than you to be the man to plan our success. There's rumours that you vetoed banners, mosaics and fan displays, I feel you want to mould Aston Villa into what you want it to be, rather than helping it become what it will naturally develop into. Please stop this, before you venture into unforgivable territory, you can't shove opinions away, you can't push everyone into a corner, because as we saw with Joleon Lescott - people bite back. I hope that I am in the wrong. Please prove me wrong.

So - what can be done? Honestly, not much. Ticket sales don't account for much and Villa Park's attendance was slowly dwindling anyway, but I can't accept doing nothing. Unfortunately I've already paid my share to Villa and my season ticket is worthless in value now and if I don't go, it will matter as much as if I do go, however there's a bunch of people who are still buying tickets, for some reason. If you are buying tickets to matches and you feel any sense of neglect or distrust towards Aston Villa - don't buy them anymore. Don't bring your kids, don't bring your wife. Don't go.

Repay Aston Villa's silence with your own, until someone much smarter than me makes up a better way of showing our frustration.