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Instant Recap: St Valentines Day massacre

We lost. And it was bad.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Where do I start?

For the first ten minutes, Aston Villa played quite well. In the last ten minutes, Scott Sinclair hit the post. Those were the highlights. In between, Liverpool put six past Mark Bunn, and should probably have scored twice as many.

Any hopes we had of pulling off a Leicester City esque comeback died today I fear. Mark Bunn, the entire back four, Leandro Bacuna and Jordan Veretout alternated between ineffective and useless, whilst Gabby and Scott Sinclair had no ball to play with.

The kicker, Liverpool were nothing special. Abysmal defending was the cause of every single goal. By the time an unmarked Kolo Toure made it six, Villa Park was half empty. Normally, I'd criticise those that left so early, but today, I honestly can't blame them. On the flip side, those fans that stayed until the end have my utmost respect.

Aston Villa's defence is either non existent, or English football's joke. Covering the site's Twitter, I struggled to put into words just how awful they were. I could only shake my head. Change is needed. The club is in freefall, and right now, I don't know if relegation is rock bottom.

I really hate Valentines Day, and this year will go down as being doubly awful. Heartbroken. Not at the idea of relegation, but rather the lack of fight. That Norwich win feels like a long time ago.