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Villa Star: "Never question my loyalty!"

Jores Okore bites back

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Jores Okore is a player many would expect to leave Aston Villa in the summer. He's strong, fast and intelligent and everything someone would look for in a centre-back.

The Dane has come under fire today for his comments to Ekstra Bladet. I'll paraphrase below.

"I feel ready to move to a bigger club and show my worth. I would prefer to stay in the Premier League, but the Champions League is weighted higher, if there's a club with that opportunity, I listen, says Okore who believes in survival, but has not heard from the club about a contract extension."

This quote is damaging when taken out of context, but Jores is simply stating his ambitions for his long-term future rather than jumping ship right now.

The worst part about this apart from Villa fans jumping to heady conclusions (once again) is that one of Villa's brightest talents hasn't been offered a new contract. Villa look like they haven't learnt their lesson from the Delph saga and regardless of relegation, losing Jores Okore on a cut-price deal is crazy.

Pay the man, Randy.

What do you think? Is Okores the 'rat' many seem to think he is? Does he deserve a move? Should Villa lock him down NOW? Let us know below!