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Table math: A holiday meal edition

An appetizer for Villa’s upcoming courses

Aston Villa v Swansea City - Premier League Photo by Paul Thomas/Getty Images

The win away to QPR sets the table well in terms of table watching for the holiday matches. Come January 3rd -- the trajectory of club could look very different. Come, pull up a chair.

As it stands:

22 played, 31 points, 13th place.

On pace for 64.82 points -- 10th place (via average of the last five years -- see full chart here)

The holiday courses:

  • Burton -- 12/26
  • Leeds -- 12/29
  • @Cardiff -- 1/2

Dumpster fire scenario.

All three courses come out black & possibly on fire. Coal for everyone, losses all around, even the roast beast is gone. 25 matches, 31 points -- on pace for 57.04 points & 16th place. That is probably the end of the promotion dream. It would be tough to make up for that run of losses -- plus the damage it could do to potential transfers.

Five-Star scenario.

Three winning courses. Everything comes out perfect and New Year drinks all around. 25 matches, 40 points --- on pace for 73.60 points & 6th place. For those of you tracking the menu at home -- that is a playoff spot. That certainly is not a guarantee or anything -- but it would be nice to have a seat at the table.

Pub Fare scenario.

Hit and miss. The most likely outcome of 3-6 points from the next three. Three points means a slight drop in projections to 62.56 (11th place). Six points means a slight bump to 68.08 (still 10th place). We would all be clamoring — accurately — that a form bump would be need to make a promotion push.

So there you go -- the table is set and the bread is the oven. Let's see how the meal turns out.

Check please.