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WATCH: Get hyped for AVLFC’s match at Villa Park with this great video

We are the Aston Villa Ladies

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Aston Villa Youtube

Okay, it’s time for me to give some credit to the Aston Villa media team. They’ve put together a hype video ahead of Sunday’s AVLFC match against Watford and Villa Park, and it. is. AWESOME.

We get to see AVLFC doing training with cutaways to some of the team’s players telling us about what the team is all about. (Though after I found out that Joe Hunt only gets 6 hours of training per week with his club, I couldn’t help but think “STOP TALKING TO THEM AND LET THEM TRAIN!”) This all is done with some gorgeous cinematography and a cool score and dammit if I don’t have goosebumps after watching this [/hits play, watches again] seven times.

Remember, you can watch the AVLFC squad play at Villa Park this Sunday at 2 PM. Tickets can be found here, and most are only £5. If you’re in the over-65 or under-18 groups, your ticket is only £1! Go out and support the ladies in the last match of their season!