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Where will Aston Villa finish? We did the math!

Number fun for the whole family.

London Zoo's Annual Animal Stocktake
This is a picture of two monkeys playing with an abacus. Math!
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Table math time!

I’ve seen a handful of folks talking about points per game and table placement. So I thought this blog could serve as a useful one stop shop for the rest of the campaign that can be easily updated. Then you can steal my math and impress all your online and pub friends.

First — a baseline is needed. I averaged out the last five Championship tables to get point values for each place. Feel free to check my math. (Didn’t realize Leicester hit triple digits a few years back).

Average Table

So with that as the baseline time to talk Villa. 17 matches in on 22 points means 1.29 per match (I’m rounding, sue me). Carry that out through the remaining 29 marches. That’s 59.53 points and 14th place.

Verdict: Not good enough.

But wait (in your head you already said “there’s more” so I won’t) — Steve Bruce has clearly changed the trajectory. Bruce has led the team for only six matches, three wins and three draws. And — admitting that the sample size if far too small — play that out and Villa are projected to finish with 80 points and in 4th place.

Verdict: Much better.

Just how rough was RDM’s era? On pace for 41.81 points? But we’re not going down that rabbit hole.

So to sum up — yes the math pun is there. You like it. Don’t lie. — here is everything I just wrote in chart form. Long way to go and I’ll be back in a few matches to do more math. Up the Villa!

Villa Current point pace