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Sherwood Watch: Director of Football idea not so bad at Swindon

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Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

It's the international break so there's no Aston Villa news to report, but football continues in League One, where Tim Sherwood has been made Director of Football at Swindon Town.

It's a slightly odd twist considering that Sherwood reportedly refused to work with a director of football at Villa because he wanted control over transfers, whereas at Swindon it seems there's not a whole lot he won't be doing.

However, Sherwood's reign has started well enough with a 3-0 home win over Charlton Athletic with Tim having apparently picked the side and headed down to the changing room to give the players the half-time team talk.

"Tim has identified some additional play that can help us to not give too many opportunities to our opponents. I think you saw that today, we gave very few opportunities away,"

"Some attacking moves that were very specific for the players to work on, very clear, and again I think we saw that on display today as well."

Those were the gracious words of Swindon head coach Lee Wiliams after the game, who appears to be taking a more conciliatory approach than Sherwood did at Villa.

I don't want to bang on about Sherwood too much - there were some good moments and then he was out of depth in a clearly dysfunctional club. But it'll be interesting to see whether all the columnists and pundits that moaned Sherwood was being undermined at Villa have the guts to either call this out or admit they were wrong and there's nothing wrong with a European-style Director of Football set-up .

I won't be holding my breath.