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Aston Villa vs. Fulham final score: Villa secure a winning streak!

Aston Villa hosted Fulham today and it was mostly boring until it wasn’t.

Aston Villa v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Aston Villa hosted Fulham today. It was not on TV, anywhere, so we had no way of watching it. And judging by the radio commentary for most of that match, that was probably for the better. The affair had moments of excitement, and it sounded as if Villa had plenty of bright spots, but it seemed to come to naught.

In the first half, Fulham used more than 70% possession (!) to do... nothing. At one point, radio commentator Tony Morely said that he thought Fulham’s keeper had more passes than some of their midfielders, and he wasn’t joking. Woooooof.

But then it became a match that I wish we could have seen. It all happened when Jonathan Kodjia managed to send a scissor kick into the goal to give Villa the 1-0 lead and to blow the top off of Villa Park as the crowd went wild.

From there it was the standard nervy Aston Villa fare. But they didn’t capitulate or do the usual Villa thing and OH MY GOODNESS WE HAVE A TWO-MATCH WINNING STREAK. FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE MAY 2015.

To close, I asked our man James Rushton, who was at VP, for a 5-word match report after the match. Here he is:

Damn straight it was. UTV!