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Ex-Villa boss hints at pressures facing Aston Villa manager

Everyone's favourite Scotsman has voiced his concerns about the situation at Aston Villa FC.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Paul Lambert certainly looks a picture of health on the touchline at Ewood Park right now. The ex-Villa man is enjoying a new lease of life at Blackburn Rovers having had his Villa career ended via phone by Villa CEO Tom Fox a year ago.

Having enjoyed a 3-0 win over Oxford in the FA Cup, Lambert wasted no time in questioning the hierarchy at Villa Park.

The Express have reported a conversation that took place between themselves and the Scotsman and the majority of it revolves around his time away from management which you can read here, but Villa fans will be more interested in what Lambert had to say about AVFC.

"I knew the job I'd done at Aston Villa - I knew the money I was working with, which was nowhere near what it is now, and the lads did great to keep us up."

Wait. Was that Paul Lambert hinting at the fact Blackburn have more money to 'work with' than Aston Villa? I think it is. Extremely crushing news, considering that Aston Villa will likely be competing with them next year. I believe that pretty much blows the chances of AVFC bringing anyone in on deadline day out of the water.

"I've been on the bike, cycling 70 miles every week, and I don't have the stresses I did at Aston Villa.The only thing I had a problem with was the way they did it, that was the only disappointing thing. Villa have a great fan base and brilliant facilities, as everyone knows - but there's definitely something wrong with them, that's for sure."

Part of me wishes that Paul would ride his bike 70 miles into the sea, but at least he certainly seems to be honest about the entire situation and not as bitter as he once seemed - which is rather refreshing. It's clear that Remi Garde has one hell of a job on to save Aston Villa from the drop or worse. More interesting is the fact that Lambert is seemingly confirming some suspicions of Villa fans in that the board at Villa Park is run dishonestly and something behind the scenes is dragging the Villans down.

Good luck Remi, Paul Lambert seems to think you'll need it.