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What went down at Aston Villa's AGM with Tom Fox and Steve Hollis?

In one way or another, the AGM held by the AVST is not giving fans the answers they want.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

To clear up the shroud lurking around Aston Villa's terrible 2015, the Aston Villa Supporters Trust have hosted an AGM with CEO Tom Fox and Chairman Steve Hollis in attendance. I'll let the brilliant @AVFC_VILR take it from here, please visit their twitter feed for the full scoop.

Right, first off Steve - I know I'm a customer, I'm aware of it - but please don't refer to me as one. Disconnection between board and fans begins the second you break that illusion.

The biggest mistake here was hiring Tim Sherwood. It's an incredible lack of foresight. How did the bloke even pass his interview? Why was a man who did not fit the plan hired?

Yes it did Tom, yes it did.

This answer speaks volumes to me. There's a massive swath of people who want Lerner out, but frankly - he can't go until someone buys us.

My favourite answer of the night, but the one I feel as though I can't agree with. Newcastle and Sunderland might be irresponsible, but they sure as hell may stay up.

Again, I am so disappointed with the lack of foresight here. I think we all knew Tim Sherwood was a walking, talking, banter-injected meme of a human being. I know their plan was shafted, but they can't have believed he was the right man for the job.

So yeah, I can't disagree with many of the answers, but the business lingo used so well by Tom Fox and Steve Hollis will not endear them to a hostile audience. The AGM seems to have left many fans horrendously disappointed and although I certainly understand that Villa are a business, there will be many dreamers leaving Villa Park feeling tremendously upset at this.