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Aston Villa vs. Leicester City live stream 2016: Game time, TV schedule and how to watch online

We've got everything you need to follow along as Aston Villa host the number-two team in the Premier League, Leicester City.

Bennett Berry

Well then. This can go a few different ways today. Aston Villa, hosting Leicester City, could build on the momentum they gained against Crystal Palace, play like giants, and stun the second-best team in the Premier League. That's how we all want it to go.

Or they could play valiantly and get a draw. It would be a good moral victory, but at this point I don't have much time for moral victories. There are seventeen matches left including today's, and we need about nine wins. Yes the math works with a draw or three, but hoo boy if there is any hope of survival we need wins quickly.

Or Villa could play pretty well and still lose. It'd be understandable. Leicester City are quite good and Villa are quite not. This would stink.

But it would stink less than if Villa did the thing that they've done for most of the season: play like junk and get pummeled. That would be bad normally, but coming off of the midweek joy of a victory, it would hurt even more. Let's not do that.

Aston Villa are very unlikely to get all three points tonight, but let's be optimists and hope for the best. I want to believe in this club so badly right now. Give me a reason, Villa.

Location: Villa Park, Birmingham, England

Kick-off time: 5:30 PM GMT, 12:30 PM Eastern, 9:30 AM Pacific

Available TV: Sky Sports 1 (UK), NBC (US)

Available streaming: NBC Sports Live Extra, Sky Go Extra, Sky Go UK

Available radio: AVTV (subscription required), Westwood One Sports (US), SiriusXM FC

For listings in other countries, check out

Aston Villa squad


Leicester City squad