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Leicester Q&A

Coming off a rare win, Villa take on Leicester, the story of the Premier League season.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Remember when Villa were up 2-0 against Leicester? Those were good times. But since Villa let that lead slip away, it's been completely different stories for the two sides. While Villa floundered at the basement of the league, the Foxes were quickly gaining steam, on their way to becoming the hottest club in the country. Now, while Villa try to mount a miracle come back, Leicester sit at the top of the league, tied on points with Arsenal. We connected with Chris from Leicester Till I Die, who joined us ahead of the last meeting between these two teams. Needless to say, this Q and A has went just slightly different than the first go 'round.

So this season hasn't quite gone the way we all thought it would, has it? Before we talk about Villa, let's just explore the phenomenon that is Leicester City. How did this happen? There's no way you could have imagined this at the beginning of the season, is there?

LTID: Of course I did!!! Seriously I am the world's worse football predictor and no way would I have imagined this. Pinching myself is slowly turning into self abuse but that said I am living the dream. If I am honest I was hoping for a possible 10th place at the start of the season.

Does Leicester have what it takes to finish out this amazing season? Can they qualify for Europe? Can they win the league?

LTID: Read my previous answer re my predictions lol. Two words- why not? Nine points ahead of Manchester United in 6th so Europe in some form has to be a strong possibility. The only teams to beat us this year are Arsenal & Liverpool and we have played every team at least once now. Part of being a fan is dreaming what could be, but we are close to that becoming a reality. So yeah,win the league? Heart says yes, head says no.

I'd say that the 60th minute against Leicester was a turning point for Villa - such a great win that turned so dramatically into a terrible loss, which, really, set the tone for the rest of the season. Would you say that match was the opposite for Leicester? Was it the spark that ignited their unbelievable form?

LTID: To be fair we had had a good start before this game, so I don't think it sparked a run in form. However I do believe that game showed the fans that as a team we never give up and sparked a belief that ran through the team from that point that we were never beaten until the final whistle blew.

Since the start of 2016, Leicester have only gained a single point more than Villa - 4 points to Villa's 3 - so the teams are pretty evenly matched, wouldn't you say?

LTID: Really? Get serious lol. Last season i would have agreed but not this season, sorry.

Back to serious questions now. Do you think Leicester's success this year is an anomaly? Will we continue to see Leicester up at the top of the table in years to come?

I have called this our perfect storm season. Chelsea's demise, Liverpool's managerial changes and Manchester City, United & Arsenal's totally inconsistent form has all helped our cause. This may not happen again. But success breeds success and if we do well and qualify for the Champions League the standard of player e could attract AND afford moves to a different level. We nay not be in the position we are again this season, but we should go onto establish ourselves as a top half team.

After signing Demarai Gray, Ranieri came out and said that his business in the transfer window was done and dusted. How do you feel about that? Are there any needs that might cause Ranieri to change his mind and spend a little more before the window closes?

LTID: Makes sense, if it ain't broke why fix it? Gray was someone we were after in the summer so his signing was not the greatest surprise. Another striker to cover Vardy should Kranaric leave would be good. But if Raneiri is happy why wouldn't I be?

Not that you'd even want any of them - but which Villa player would you take for Leicester?

LTID: Mmmmm, on current form?? Seriously, and not surprising the only one would be Jack Grealish. Defo one for the future, and as [proved with the purchase of Gray we are looking at youth and building for the future.

Our thanks to Chris and everyone over at Leicester Till I Die!