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Aston Villa star set to join English legend in America

Why would this be a good thing?

Alex Broadway/Getty Images

From zero to hero to gone. Joleon Lescott's Aston Villa story may be over before it truly began. That is if reports from Sky Sports and LA Galaxy Insider, Adam Serrano are to believed.

Exactly why Aston Villa would sell Lescott to the LA Galaxy is unknown, they aren't short of centre-backs right now but Joleon Lescott is 100% in their top two. Selling Lescott to LA Galaxy seems to be an insurance move incase Villa can't afford his wages if they are relegated to the Football League Championship, but then again selling Lescott might ensure that Villa are relegated.

There's no word on the fee that Aston Villa will receive should this news be true, but Lescott has supposedly been offered a three year contract to join Stevie G at the LA Galaxy.

Without Lescott, Aston Villa will have to rely on the shaky Ciaran Clark or the over-excitable Micah Richards as Lescott's replacement, neither of which is good news (unless Micah decides that he can actually be a CB).

If Lescott does move to the MLS, he will be following in the footsteps of Luke Moore and Aston Villa hero Juan Pablo Angel. He's certainly appealing to MLS sides and would be right for a move at the end of the year, but selling him right now is not in the best interest of Aston Villa.