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VIDEO: Recap of Villa's MASSIVE second win against Crystal Palace

Cole Pettem of TalkAstonVilla is back and... happy?

Oh man, I'm so excited to share this video with you all. It's Cole. From TalkAstonVilla. You know him because we feature him on the site all the time. But this is something different. Something happened. In this video, Cole is happy! And it's an absolute blast to watch.

Why is Cole happy, you ask? Well because Aston Villa won, of course! They won in the Premier League for the first time since August 8, a mere 157 days ago.

And I dare you to watch this without having a grin on your face that matches Cole's. You cannot do it. Villa beat Crystal Palace thanks to Joleon Lescott softly hitting a ball at Wayne Hennessey that rolled between the latter's legs for one of the least inspiring goals of all time AND NOBODY CARES BECAUSE ASTON VILLA WON.

So enjoy this rarest of sights, a happy video recap of an Aston Villa win.